Homy Inn has been a family business since opening in 1956, proudly serving all walks of life for nearly seven decades.

The bar champions being an inclusive place where you can kick back, feel safe, have a good time, and afford to drink—whether it’s one of 20 rotating local beers, champagne on tap, or one of 30 whiskeys from the shelf.

Several out-of-towners make it a point each year to learn why Homy Inn has won Esquire’s Top 50 Bars and several Omaha awards for Best Dive Bar and Best Neighborhood Bar.

Thanks to its atmosphere and vintage memorabilia, Homy Inn has served as the location for the local indie flick “The Bishop,” a Hulu documentary still in production, and several local music videos.

According to current owner Terry Finkle, who bought the bar from his father Maynard in 1985, “the place is dripping with history.”

Stop by 1510 N Saddle Creek Rd to see why the Homy Inn legacy is timeless.

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