Self Care Revolution, Mayor Asks Advisory Board Member to Resign, Nebraska Files Lawsuit Against Stem Cell Clinics and more Top Local News for Friday, July 17

7/17/20 • Day 26 of Phase III • Nationwide case trends

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New Legal Options Coming for Protestors Arrested for Breaking Curfew 

“What are we saying about Omaha if we begin to criminalize the act of expressing a constitutional right?” says activist, JaKeen Fox.

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Today we have stories self care being a revolutionary act for individuals resisting oppression, Mayor Jean Stothert asking a member of the city’s LGBTQ+ Advisory Board to resign and  Nebraska’s attorney general filing a lawsuit against Omaha stem cell therapy clinics.

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At this point in the campaign, Democratic nominee Joe Biden still hasn’t articulated an affirmative case for why he should be president rather than Donald Trump. Instead, all he says is, I’m not Donald Trump. Is that enough?

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