For the full interview (recorded 10/1/20), listen to Mind and Soul in the Morning.

If Democrats get out and vote, we have the numbers to win, said Congressional Candidate Kara Eastman in an interview with Mind and Soul in the Morning on Oct. 1.

Eastman is running for Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District against Don Bacon after losing to him in 2018 by a little less than 5,000 votes. 

“We’ve seen what four years under Donald Trump and under Don Bacon, who aligns himself 93% of the time with Trump, looks like,” Eastman said, “And it’s not benefiting our district, our communities, and they’re ready for change.”

Eastman emphasized creating affordable healthcare for the people she hopes to represent. She saw the racial disparities and long-term effects of inadequate health measures during her 12 years as CEO of Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance. Don Bacon has an allegiance to the president and his party over the district, said Eastman, who criticized his positions against Obamacare and the expansion of Medicaid in Nebraska. 

“I’m tired of seeing politicians who are afraid to talk to their constituents, and more importantly, they’re afraid to listen to them,” Eastman said. 

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