‘Science Future’

Visionary group exhibit explores parallel worlds of science and fiction

Science fiction (The Martian), science myth (Star Wars Epic) and science fantasy (The Avengers) continue to capture the imagination of filmgoers regardless of age group or point of view. The genre and its subtext live on.

But the world of fine art has explored a broader vision often referred to as science future combining elements of science and fiction in all mediums that defy easy classification. Who are the visionaries of today, and what do they forecast about the uneasy, yet necessary relationship of science, nature and the creative impulse the future so depends upon?

This is the subtext along with others, that concerns the next group exhibition organized by the Omaha Public Library in its downtown venue, the Michael Phipps Gallery, opening Friday, Sept. 9, 4-6 pm and continuing till Oct. 30.

Science Future is a multimedia exhibition featuring the scientific and futuristic impulses of Travis Apel, Launa Bacon, and Reagan Pufall. For Apel, naturalistic forms are complicated with extraterrestrial references, while Pufall reworks insects into otherworldly scapes. Bacon bombards the viewer with a sensory overload of dystopic and utopic ideas.

Together, the show statement says, their work mines imagery from science and science fiction, exploring and complicating relationships within their parallel worlds.

Science Future will exhibit from Sept. 9- Oct. 30 in the Michael Phipps Gallery of the W. Dale Clark Library, 215 S 15th St. Opening reception: Friday, September 9, 4-6 pm. For details and hours, go to omahapubliclibrary.org.

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