Man Against Nature

Ironic it is that the group of humans who force their personal prejudices upon us the majority, choose to display such human hubris while pretending to care so much about Mother Earth.

Need I explain? Probably. While it’s hazardous to collect a column of people into a monolithic group based on one ideology or political predilection and assign an adjunctive alignment with a second cause or leaning, I’m going to. For it certainly appears that the same folks shouting to save the planet, to respect Mother Nature are, on the other hand, the first to embrace the audacious attempt by humans to subjugate Mother Nature, to arrogate Nature’s balance. To describe it even more simply, y’all get “gung ho” on Earth Day but then swear that corporate “science” knows better than Nature when it comes to getting or staying healthy.

The disconnect is obvious when the question is posed: How does a person reconcile claiming to protect Nature then in the next breath support human intervention to interrupt a natural process? Or respect Nature in one minute then in the next minute turn one’s back on Nature’s own medicines in favor of human concoctions?

Genetic Manipulation: Playing God? When I was but a wee lad I read a couple books that had great influence on my freedom of thought. One of those books was The Double Helix by James Watson. If you don’t know his name, you should. Watson and Francis Crick are the two scientists often credited with “discovering” deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA around 1952. What they actually did was bring clear understanding to research compiled during the twentieth century by a number of scientists. Understanding how genes really work began only a few decades ago with Crick and Watson. We the public soon came to know DNA as the biological key of life. Human meddling with that key of life didn’t take long.

Humans soon stuck our collective nose into Nature’s business and figured out how to manipulate genetic code in very unnatural ways. The result is what we lump together and describe as “genetically modified.” When that meddling results in an actual organism like corn or a beet or zucchini being artificially modified by Man playing God, we call it a “genetically modified organism” or GMO. Now that’s a term most of the hoi polloi have heard. While fake news media reports “genetic modification has been done for centuries,” that is a spurious claim. Hybridization has been practiced for centuries, yes. But modification at the molecular genetic level has not been done for centuries. Actual modification on the GMO level can allow labs to combine the genes from a fish with a tomato, a mouse with a zucchini and so on. That is not natural, by any means.

Now comes the part where I clearly state that I’m not a doctor or unelected health official. I’m just a person who pays close attention.

A pox on you. Shakespeare’s Mercutio found pox abhorrent enough to curse both houses as he died. A heavy curse he levied. Pox, especially the smallpox virus with 30 percent mortality, is bad. Edward Jenner hatched the concept of vaccination in 1796. He infected people with a related virus, cowpox, to confer immunity to smallpox from a weak sister of a virus. For over two hundred years, civilization has used vaccines with varying degrees of success. Some vaccines are superb and effective. Others are downright failures. But all of the vaccines over the years have been produced in a similar fashion. They have been developed using cultured viral elements grown in natural environments so that the resultant active ingredient in the vaccine is a part of the original virus. That part of the virus that is injected into the body is considered benign and generally regarded as safe. That virus remnant, though not causing disease, is enough to stimulate the body’s immune system and the immune system is prepared to immediately defeat any encroachment by a wild virus one might encounter in the big, bad world. That’s the old style of vaccine that we have a lot of experience with.

New kid on the block. There’s a new vaccine floating around. It’s not like the ones that science has developed over two hundred years. Instead, it’s called an mRNA vaccine. You should learn about it. It doesn’t work at all the same way as previous vaccines. I’ve read that it literally injects a genetic code into the body that controls the functions of the recipient’s cells. It goes into the cells and tells them what to do. It changes the cellular instructions. The old fashioned vaccines didn’t mess with our genetic instructions. No one really knows what will be the end result of this new kind of vaccine.

So, if one really cares about Nature, really respects Nature, one can ask, “Do I want to align with Nature or do I want to align with a laboratory owned by a drug company that is using a novel procedure?” It’s worth asking, especially since Nature still offers ways to stimulate your immune system to do the right thing.

Be well.

Heartland Healing is a metaphysically based polemic describing alternatives to conventional methods of healing the body, mind and planet. It is provided as information and entertainment, certainly not medical advice. Important to remember and pass on to others: for a weekly dose of Heartland Healing, visit


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