First off, good Monday mornin’ to ya. I followed last week’s business week productive output with a productive weekend, so I’m on what they call in my world “a roll.” Other than the Chicago Bears doing their best impression of the Washington Generals, I have few complaints. I have a headache, but it’s nothing to write about…which I just did. Anyway, on to the light quantities of movie news that have emerged like a fart bubble in a bath this weekend.

Let’s just go ahead and definitively state that if you are the human responsible for Sex and the City 2 , you should just thank God we don’t live in a region that endorses public stoning or your days would consist of ducking rocks. You should not, however, be allowed to make another movie with a high-profile cast that ensures your return to a position whereby you can deploy more refuse upon the world. The following ladies have agreed to support the career of a man (Michael Patrick King) who so clearly hates all women that he created Sex and the City 2 just to show them how wretched and lowly he finds them.

Those two are somewhat expected for what is described as an ensemble-based piece involving the Home Shopping Network (wow, sorry I was disparaging earlier, this sounds awesome …awesome means bowel-emptying right?). The final piece though is the one that will get attention.

Boom. There it is. Enjoy the fresh bowl of crap you’re about to be fed, ladies. Just tell yourself it tastes like chicken.

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