One of these things (possibly both) is probably true. One of these things (possibly both) is probably false. Let’s play “Guess What We’re In For!”

First up is an extension of a rumor we spoke about last week. Looks like Top Gun 2 is happening. The twist is, Tony Scott is supposedly considering directing it. He doesn’t want a remake or a reboot, he wants, as he says “a new thing.” So I assume that means less blatant homoeroticism and a plot that doesn’t involve the Russkies? If this happens, which is possible maybe even probable, with Scott at the helm, look for his shaky cam, hyper-cuts to make things so confusing you can’t even tell when they’re flying or not.

Second, and the one you should probably put your money on as being a load of Bantha poodoo, Lucas is supposedly considering more Star Wars movies.

We do this from time to time. We get so nostalgic for the series (the way it used to be), so bummed that what we got from the prequels was underwhelming, that we invent these possibilities of the man returning to form and redeeming himself and the franchise with a new series of films that will never, ever, never-ever happen. Supposedly, someone leaked that these would not involve the Skywalker clan and would take place far into the Star Wars universe’s future. Ooh! I know, maybe they can have a group of robots and humanoids crash land on a prehistoric earth, since the first series took place “long ago.” Maybe they can secretly abandon technology and start humanity on earth as we know it. Congratulations, Lucas, you can’t get to that bad idea first.

Obviously, the free answer to our little game is that as much as we desperately want the redemption of a great new slate of Star Wars films, that’s not going to happen. Especially not with fat human Ewok up there at the helm. I get chills watching video game commercials that are set within that universe because they so completely seem to get the feel that we all love. Lucas is surrounded by those who gets it but doesn’t himself. It’s kind of like the Emperor has no clothes, only the emperor has a neckbeard in this case.

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