Sometimes I forget that there’s a Captain America movie actually shooting right now. As much as I love me some Spider-man (always number one in my book, Wolverine can suck it), Captain America has always struck me as the character with the best chance of translating to the big screen…if only because we can all totally believe that our government would inject a skinny dude with chemicals to fight a war. Now, we finally get to see some shots from Entertainment Weekly that prove that not only is there a movie being filmed somewhere in Europe, but it looks…really good.

That first shot really gives me goosebumps. It just works, doesn’t it. He somehow is capturing that whole “I’m just a kid who is thrown into war and suddenly I’m a superhero” with the whole “I have the confidence to lead” thing…and this is just a picture.

This next one is going to bulge eyes (and for some folks, other parts) for other reasons.

HOLY CRAP YO. I mean, I’m not saying he used steroids, but that dude used a lot of schmeroids. He’s like twice the size he was a few months ago. That’s not a normal thing. It’s like they injected him with some kind of chemical that made him get…whoa…I just got that.

How great is that? You see Hugo Weaving pre-red face as The Red Skull AND you get to see the device they put Steve Rogers in to MAKE him Captain America. Again, somehow this is crossing the line between real and fantasy just perfectly. I mean, it looks comic booky AND some how 1940s sci-fi authentic.

If it’s me, I go with that as the poster. Good God does that make me thrilled. I just love it so very much. Folks, we may have something great on our hands here. It’s too early to tell, but unlike the Green Lantern photos in EW which made my sphincter recoil, these just delighted me to no end. Again, DC…feel free to TRY to be more like Marvel.

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