I will never be finished talking about something involving “Lost,” no matter how peripheral it may be. News broke today that the show being created and pitched by the producers of “Lost” is called “Once Upon a Time,” which I hate. It’s also totally about “modern fairy tales,” is a “mix of sci fi and fantasy with a strong mystery element” and features a “female protagonist.” Well, other than the title, I am totally pumped. I mean, obviously a lot depends on who you hire as the female protagonist.

Yes, the mix of sci-fi and mystery is compelling, but it really comes down to who anchors your show as the lead.

I mean, with a show that’s going to be this far on the edge, and given the loyalty that many fans had to “Lost,” you’re going to need someone that fans can really cling to and hold on to with all their hearts (and minds and other things).

There’s no one right answer. I mean, there are so many talented, talented young actresses out there. Let’s just say that I’m thrilled that they are not going with another boring, stale old male in the lead. It’s nice to have a powerful female character, no matter who plays the part.

The important thing to remember is that it’s about what will work best for the show, not what will work best for momentary buzz or short-term attention. Who has the talent to steer a show for 5-6 years?

THAT’s the real question, you know? Like does anybody out there that we’re familiar with, that these producers in particular are comfortable with, have the ability to really take the first show post-“Lost” from these creators in an exciting direction?

Because excitement is what this is about, you know.

If anyone has any suggestions as to who should be the lead, you just let me know.

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