Everybody must be pooped today, as the biggest news scoops are a few images from a magazine of the motion-capture animated film from Spielberg and Jackson: Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn . Since I have a strict, no-unicorns-on-Monday rule, I’m going to just mention that the books on which they’re based are uber-popular GLOBALLY, but not so much in the U.S. and that no matter how pretty it is, motion capture still mostly freaks my shit out. We’ll cover Tintin down the road, but let’s leave the reprinting of images from magazines to Captain America only, okay?

So here’s the biggest news story I have for you after this weekend…and mind you, I am (as I mentioned earlier) in the scientifically defined, medically acknowledged realm of “pukey tired.” Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron may star in Snow White and the Huntsman .

They look great, yes. Perhaps one would even long to see those two symmetrical faces smash into one another repeatedly, but rumor has it one will be playing the evil queen and the other will be playing the titular huntsman. Sure, you can probably guess based on gender, but you think they’d stop Depp from playing the evil queen if he asked for the role? Hell, they’d let him play Snow White. Then I’d want to see this. The movie apparently has a killer script, which features the huntsman chained to Snow White while they’re being chased down by bounty hunters. It’s obviously some crazy “reimagining,” but everyone seems to be pretty enthusiastic about the whole thing. Then again, “Dancing with the Stars” has like millions of people call in every episode, so I’m not entirely sure what qualifies as actual valuable enthusiasm anymore. Anyway, whether or not this happens (as EVERY Depp project is a rumor until we actually see it), here’s the only thing worth mentioning on this pukey Monday.

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