I’ll be back at some point with my Due Date review. It was…okay. That’s all. It’s going to do CRAZY business that first week, that’s for damn sure, as my MIDNIGHT SHOWING was pretty much sold out. People love this kind of broad-based, mass-appealing, semi-raunchy comedy these days. It won’t be number one because Megamind gets the families, but it’s going to be strong, mark my words. As for that latter film, I will also file that one under “meh.” Wake me when Dreamworks designs a different looking character. They all look the same. Anyway, onward and upward to some Box Office Haikus!

Here’s how I see the weekend:

1.) Megamind – $60 million

The voices are great.

The animation? It ain’t.

The verdict is meh.

2.) Due Date – $33 million


One name is a haiku line.

Just thought I’d mention.

3.) For Colored Girls – $22 million

It’s Tyler Perry!

Directing, but not his script.

No name in title!!!!

4.) Saw 3D – $7.5 million

A one-week wonder,

this franchise now goes away.


5.) Red – $7 million

Keep it up now, Bruce.

That sounded rather dirty.

I meant it that way.

WILDCARD – Paranormal Activity 2 – $7 million

Longer legs than Saw .

But that’s because Saw sucks ass.

My last Saw joke? Please!!!!

Okay, that’s it until I return with a review for your faces. Enjoy your weekends!

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