Well, it was a matter of time before we moved from casting hotness like this:

To casting hotness like this:

And this:

The new Spider-man movie is apparently determined to cast things as on-the-nose as possible and has selected Sally Field and Martin Sheen (supposedly) to play Aunt May and Uncle Ben, respectively (wouldn’t it be great if it was the other way around…now THAT would be some inspired casting). Whatever. I mean, it works. I like both of them as actors, it was just nice to see some people we weren’t as familiar with in those roles so they could really become them as people. Don’t get me wrong, after all those years as President Bartlett, if Sheen commanded me to do anything, I would respond “I serve at the pleasure of the President” and run into traffic or whatever. It’s just…sigh…you know the cast is finally rounded out, and I like Emma Stone (that’s an understatement) and think Andrew Garfield could do a nice job, even though he looks nothing like Peter in my opinion. But the villain is Rhys Ifans…who is The Lizard…who kind of sucks as a villain. And they’re using Gwen Stacy…but she’s played by a girl who should be MJ. And they’re casting good actors in the adult roles…but they’re so familiar and obvious. Look, it’s just that if you’re going to REBOOT things, it would be nice to see some creativity. That’s all. This by-the-books stuff is just exhausting.

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