If DJ’s Dugout has a secret to success it seems to be one that most learn at a very young age: three is the magic number. The top three priorities at DJ’s Dugout? Food, service and entertainment. In the food department, DJ’s Dugout has a menu that covers a range of game-time food options. (https://brownshvac.net/) This includes appetizers like the Super Bowl Nachos ($8.99), a variety of salads such as the Chef Salad ($7.99) with turkey breast, and an array of sandwiches such as the Brooks BLT ($8.29), which is topped with an egg. Chad King, General Manager of DJ’s Dugout on 114th and Dodge St., says the menu is always evolving. “We’re constantly working on updating our menu to provide the best meal options in town.” Service is also important. “You’ve got to have good service,” King says. “We pride ourselves in having the best servers and bartenders in town that take great care of our customers.” Third is entertainment. Dueling pianos is a live music event that occurs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. “It’s a form of entertainment that is unavailable anywhere else in town,” King says. “We’re very proud of that.” However, live entertainment cannot interfere with sports. “A lot of times you see sports bars try to increase their offerings and their customer base by becoming more than a sports bar,” King says. “If it’s the NBA Finals and I go into a sports bar and there is live music instead of NBA on, there is a problem.” Their solution? Separate rooms for music and sports. The widest range of sporting events is the other entertainment offering that DJ’s Dugout provides. “If it is available, we will get it,” King says, “I think that by being able to offer the channels and games that nobody else in town can is how you really stand out as far as being the best sports bar in town.” DJ’s Dugout currently has two locations, but a third is set to open near the Qwest Center. We can expect more of the proven formula. “Sometime in the next month, month-and-a-half, we should have that door open,” King says. “We do everything we can to make sure that if you walk into any building that says DJ’s Dugout on the side you know what you’re getting yourself into.” Hopefully for DJ’s Dugout, the third time will continue to be the charm.

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