We are all cosmic surfers, getting around amidst the waters of life. Astrology is one of the harbingers of the which and the way of any cosmic waves. I humbly owe everything to it. It turned my life around. Find your cosmic catalyst, and find who you are… Surf naked! You’ll know you’re hanging 11 or 12 (for you wahines) when you learn that there are no mistakes, and that peace and love shall conquer all. Surf’s up in one week, when once again we speak.   — MOJOPOPlanetPower.com *ARIES (3.21-4.20) Feel the Power? Add the Love. Gain the Wisdom. Become impeccable. Adapt to the harmony of the spheres. You are the leader. If you can’t or aren’t suited to lead, find someone who can/is. Follow them until you are conversant with their techniques. Choose the most successful ones and make ’em yours. Add subtlety to your repertoir/arsenal. Now, when the omens suggest the time is ripe, take over and become the leader you were meant to be. This be the truth, from Michael P. *TAURUS (4.21-5.20) One more week of lollygaggin’ around in the spring rain. Here comes the Sun for you, on April 21st, as your ruler Venus leaves its sign of exaltation in Pisces and begins another journey around/through the Zodiac into Aries till mid-May; bringing new beginnings, new starts and new initiations. Why are you here? Why were you born? What have you acquired? What do you need to acquire to feel involved in a successful incarnation this time around? Too heavy, or not heavy enough, Cream Puff? You give love, you get love. You don’t, you won’t. Guess how the MOJO knows? *GEMINI (5.21-6.21) One more week of Mercury retrograde and all the confusion resulting from the lack of succinct communication that goes/comes with it. Only then can we start to put it all back together. Redirecting mistake$ can work for u$. A potentially ENORMOUS idea is adorning, as retrograding Mercury conjuncts Jupiter continuously till its exact conjunction and manifestation on the afternoon of May 11th. It happens at a party or gathering of some kind (11th House). Electricity “May” be a key? Create your outline now. *CANCER (6.22-7.22) The Full Moon in Libra is on Sunday the 17th, at 9:44 p.m. It marks our switch of seasons to spring; the balance and the harmony of transition. Sleep late (Sunday) and avoid the early morning oppositions. Then, turn your world upside down! Stand on your head for five minutes a day and see/feel the difference in six mind-expanding months. Ahhh … yes, I know … wouldn’t it just be easier to nibble some more doughnuts and watch T.V. in your bathrobe? Omaha-itis? How does the MOJO know? *LEO (7.23-8.22) Work the inherent craziness all around you to your advantage. Gauge the impact and find a way to make some money from it. Rebellion amongst (your?) children offers a key. Let others make the moves, and then “clean up” in a week, when next we speak. Time to be creative. *VIRGO (8.23-9.22) Please read Gemini. Don’t you hate that? How does the MOJO know? Hey! You got another week in the barrel, Matey! (Ask your sailor friends what that means.) It’s gonna take time (Saturn in opposition to Mercury retrograde in Libra) to recreate the harmony. Too bad you’re such a perfectionist. Naaah … just kidding! Put it where it beloooongs. *LIBRA (9.23-10.22) OMG! You poor thing! How can you handle this much opposition? Here’s a little hope: The Full Moon is in your sign on Palm Sunday, April 17th, at 9:44 p.m., Omax time. A BIG PLAN will be born on that day — from a fiery partner. You’re halfway through a/your project. Turn around and become what you want to be. Hang on, for Venus’s sake. Your future is full of hope. Well, OK … 50/50? *SCORPIO (10.23-11.22) How are the psychic know-it-alls of the zodiac doing? It’s your turn next. Your mystique lasts one more week, and then it’s time to pragmatically start all over again. Put your bare feet back upon the bare Earth. Walk barefoot for hours amongst the flowers. When you return, your power is found within partnerships. Give it all away and then test everyone — like usual. *SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.21) Ahhh. To rise above it. If only you could, right? Oh well, maybe I’ll take a walk … an older symbol (your father, parent, boss, “old man,” probation officer, judge…) of authority is concerned with “your harmony.” You(‘ll) know better. That’s the value of ADD. You’re moving too fast to slow down and listen. There really is no ADD. It’s just still being a child. (Some of us “indigos” didn’t buy it.) What’s your favorite color? *CAPRICORN (12.22-1.20) Wow! One more week for you to just shut up and “woodshed.” You need some new material anyway. (Yeah, don’t we all?) Hey! I’ll shut up if you’ll shut up! *AQUARIUS (1.21-2.19) I know, you’ve got your own drama. You’ll have to leave all your soon-to-be “old friends” behind. You’ll have new behinds to get behind, and must leave those old behinds behind. Saturnians: Please read Capricorn. Uranians: Time for mystical meditations by the waters… *PISCES (2.20-3.20)OMG! Here comes the power you crybabies were/are always crying for! “Why doesn’t every[any]body believe [in] me!?” Sound familiar? Sound too familiar? Your mystical ruler, Neptune, just entered your sign for the next 14 years. Here comes the magique that a free and purified subconscious can afford us. The power will still prove to be subtle, since only about 3 percent of humanity can handle it.

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