Happy New Moon in mid-Taurus on May 2nd/3rd. Time to plant it into the fertile Earth, to find what your dreams are worth. The Goddess holds the silver cup, as those who enjoy life drink it up. Beauty is all around us; once it’s found us to be more effective than invective. Sing nicely, boys and girls. You give love, you get love. You don’t, you won’t. Art, music, dance and love… — MOJOPOPlanetPower.com * TAURUS (4.21-5.20) AUM. Your holy word is heard on Tuesday, May 2nd/3rd, the New Moon at 13 degrees Taurus. Take a sabbatical. There are no astrological aspects — right after the new Moon on the 3rd, it goes void of course. Think of nothing. “Mushin no shin” — “no mind.” It’s your day to meditate — only. You are/will be born again to renew your (love of) beauty and you know what happens when you lose your beauty, or your love of it? Sing me/us your favorite song. Relish all your loves past and worship those yet to come and you’re/will be (ful)filled with the inner beauty at the core of the undeniable. True beauty will/does not tarnish with age. When was the last time you were true? Meditate till it disappears. AUM. * GEMINI (5.21-6.21) You’re still a week away. Continue cleaning up last month’s “mess.” With your ruler Mercury in Aries till the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 17th, it would be a good time to take charge, captain, now that everyone is a little/so battle shy. Try out for the leadership role for these next two weeks and/but expect some traitor to question your leadership ability. Detour him or her by bribing him or her with a job? Once one question is raised, prepare for a landslide. They won’t/don’t think you’ve got the money, brains, beauty, suavity, chutzpah, or charisma that you(‘ll) need. Trump/thump ’em with your CONNECTIONS! * CANCER (6.22-7.22) Oh yeah! You feel good! Please read Taurus. Your ruling astrological planet, the Moon, is exalted in Taurus. You’re two short months away from your “place in the Sun.” You’re kickin’ it during these next 2 short weeks — till the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 17th. Take May 3rd off and/to meditate. Astrologer’s orders! Trust me. In this case, don’t go and you’ll know. * LEO (7.23-8.22) How’s the/your reputation? The instigator is/may be a Taurus or a wealthy, together landowner. They’re too strong for you to fight right now … Tell(!) ’em to wait awhile. If you “ask” ’em, they’ll consider that as a sign of weakness and will go for the/your throat (ruled by Taurus). Be/live the proof that Venus overcomes Mars. Love ’em to Death! That’ll kill ’em! First they’ll fall in love; then they’ll share cats, dogs and eventually children, while you’re destined for fame and fortune due to your mate (10th House). How does the MOJO know? * VIRGO (8.23-9.22) Happy spring into action! Get your health regime back on track and start your takeover at work on the weekend, till we speak once again. Lots of business deals found their beginnings during conversations at dinner? Give it a shot before you return to your pleasant, predictable, more relaxed role as “second banana.” You’ve got to believe in yourself, or you can’t fool nobody else. Give it a shot. What could/would a director learn by being an actor? What could/would an actor learn by being a director? Polarity. * LIBRA (9.23-10.22) Love (Venus) is in the air … Flowers, flowers everywhere, as the paths are strewn with underwear. Oh well, I guess I digress. What DID you do with your dress? Do you have to be anywhere? Me neither, Jelly Bear! Unnnn … Unnnn … UUUUUhhuuuuaaaa! Get the message, or are you toooo beezee makin’ honeeey? (https://bparlay.com/) (You need a Scorpio.) How does the MOJO know “witch” way the winds blow? Ohhh, ohhh, ohhhhhhhh… * SCORPIO (10.23-11.22) Read Libra. Be alive and swept away in/with love. It’s your only chance. For you/the Martians: Fast (juices only?) for two weeks, till the Full Moon in Scorpio, at dawn on May 17th. I’ll do it if you will, and I’m a Plutonian. Plutonians: You’re not going to let the Martians outdo you, are you? Get right and travel light. Let’s compare torsos in two weeks? * SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.21) One more month of new (up)starts, and then the beginnings of the money, the land and the love come during the first week in June. What did you learn in/on last year’s travels? Put it into fertile Earth a month from now. Before June would/will be too soon. * CAPRICORN (12.22-1.20) My God, do you feel better? Read Libra if you want/need a lift. Read Scorpio if you’re already stiff? You know, at Wizard College I studied aphrodisiacs for two glorious years, and it seems that what they do is help you feel healthy — and when you’re healthy, you want to share it. Ginseng, stag antler marrow, yohimba, eleutherococcus… The best was/is honey and egg yolks. Tastes like, and probably is the basis for, butterscotch — which proves that they knew what they were talkin’ ’bout. * AQUARIUS (1.21-2.19) Waiting for the fire? Too much snow, too much rain and now too much Earth. Blow winds, blow (June). It’s your turn to stay at home and let the others roam. You’ll be there when they get back? Your creative weakness is a month away. Someone, maybe a Gemini along the way, has the key to your heart, your hurt and your mind? Fire up your hearth and get your pad together so they won’t be repulsed by what they find? * PISCES (2.20-3.20) Neptunians: It begins … 14 years to oblivion. For those who can hang with the unhangable, who don’t understand me, yet know what I mean, who are not afraid of knowing nothing, who make up words in their own languages to cover obscure emotions, who spend money they don’t have on stuff they don’t need, LOVE purple and the number nine, who devote their lives to what others can’t define, who are happy enough to follow their own (enlightened) secret mind; it’s time for you to be baptized in a “Waters of Life” rebirth. Jupiterians: Please read Sagittarius to find what your dreams are worth. * ARIES (3.21-4.20) Are you tired yet? Or wired? One more month to expand (Jupiter leaves on June 5th). A Sagittarius may be/is involved? Mars is leaving in a week, until next we speak. Mercury leaves in two, hand-in-hand with Venus. Tootle-ooooo … Use it before you lose it. Here comes empty nest (planet) syndrome?

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