The Kent Bellows Studio and Center for Visual Arts opens their Summer 2011 Mentor Exhibition on June 30, featuring new and veteran mentors Laurie Sewell, Liz Vercruysse, Stephan Grot, Peter Cales, Matthew Jones, Sarah Fettin, Dan Richters, Gerard Pefung, Steve Walsh, Weston Thomson, Amy Haney and Alex Myers.

Artist Wanda Ewing recently returned from a residency in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at Proyecto’Ace, a nonprofit artist-in-residency visual arts center. While there, she worked on her “Video Grrrlzzz” series. The multiple-award winning artist with collections worldwide just started a blog, “Wandabread—An Art Slice of Life.” Devoted to “all things arty,” Ewing aims to post daily on her experiences as an artist, art readings, art shows, teaching art and more. Recent posts from the tenured University of Nebraska-Omaha professor of art include musings on art auctions, film and book reviews, a professional checklist for artists and recollections of working in Argentina. Check it out at

Birdhouse Interior Design was featured in the New York Times on June 19 (along with Film Streams and three other Omaha locations). So they will probably have a healthy competition for their 2011 Birdhouse Interiors Art Exhibition Call for Submissions, with the theme of “Home” to benefit the Union for Contemporary Art to take place in December 2011. 

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