Oct. 17

Dirty Girl screening with Nicholas D’Agosto and filmmakers

Film Streams, 1340 Mike Fahey Street

7 p.m., $20 members and $30 nonmembers

402-933-0259, www.filmstreams.org

Native Omahan Nicholas D’Agosto lives the dream of a working film-television actor. His IMDB page is lengthy for a 30-year-old who pursued The Life full-time for only nine years. Survival means taking whatever work he can find, and so for every plum TV (ER, Six Feet Under or Cold Case) or film (Rocket Science or Dirty Girl) there’s a From Prada to Nada or Extreme Movie. Like fellow home boy Chris Klein, he started in Alexander Payne’s Election. Like Klein, the boyish-looking D’Agosto has built a career as the Nice Guy, often playing characters several years his junior. Monday’s Film Streams event is a rare chance for a local to talk about his made-good-in-Hollywood journey. Joining him to discuss Dirty Girl, starring Juno Temple, is director Abe Sylvia and producer Jana Edelbaum. 

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