2012 finds Doomtree’s roots firmly planted. The Minneapolis-based hip-hop collective has been on a steady grind for the past 10 years and slowly, but surely, carving out a permanent niche in underground hip-hop. Comprised of emcees P.O.S., Sims, Dessa, Mike Mictlan, Cecil Otter and producers Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger, the longtime friends are like peas in a pod, make that a very large pod. It’s no secret operating a well-oiled music machine with so many different parts is a difficult task to master. However, Doomtree insists on remaining family, first and foremost. In support of their latest effort, No Kings, the motley crew arrives in Omaha this Saturday to show their fans what family is all about. –Kyle Eustice

Do you guys ever clash?

Dessa: Working by committee definitely has its challenges–big decisions are hard to make quickly because everyone’s opinion has to be solicited and discussed. That said, we’ve had remarkably few fall-outs. We genuinely like and trust one another, which is probably more than most businesses can say of their workforce.

Sims: Every family has its moments, but we know each other well enough and have strong enough relationships that nothing ever gets out of hand.

Mictlan: We go back like rocking chairs. We’re like 2 rear flats on a Cadillac. We’ve been rapping with each other for like 10+ years. When it comes to our music we’re all adults. Creating is supposed to fun. At least that’s what we always thought.

P.O.S: No, not typically. We’ve been brothers and sisters for 10 years now. We know how to deal with personalities, but we’re family first.

Does this lifestyle ever get overwhelming?

Dessa: Yes, it does. But I want very badly to do this well. And I want to share my work. If those objectives entail some compromises, I’m willing to make them so long as I can retain artistic control and personal integrity.

Sims: Touring gets hard, but what else would I be doing right now?

Mictlan: It can be like Groundhog Day at times. You wake up in a different city doing the same thing.

What do you think is the biggest cliche in hip-hop right now?

Dessa: Posturing

Sims: Blog rapper

Mictlan: Swagg, duh.

P.O.S. Money.

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