Happy Chinese New Year! Gung Hay Fat Choy! Welcome into the Year of the Dragon on the day after the New Moon in Aquarius, Sunday the 22nd. Take some time to check out my expanded (over 8,000 words) yearly prognostications for 2012, plus continuous additions to my Mayan meditations during this coming year at MOJOPOPlanetPower.com. Peace and love shall conquer all. There are no mistakes.

j CAPRICORN (12.22-1.20)  Your last good weekend before money concerns/worries/responsibilities take over. As the Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th, the Moon enters Capricorn at dusk, ’til the New Moon in Aquarius on Sunday, the 22nd, introduces us to the Year of the Dragon. Time to get dynamic and/to find the gold! The unexpected is/will be looking for you. Do you fear the unexpected? Never fear change, for divinity often hides behind the mask of fate, which in astrology is Saturn, your ruler. Expect an unexpected bolt from the blue.

k AQUARIUS (1.21-2.19)  Speaking of revolting out of the blue — how do you do? It’s your turn! First steps of/like a baby. Gear up for your newest adventure on March 25th; two short Moons from now. It’s your job to party hearty, especially this weekend. We are depending on you to show us the way. Don’t let your brothers and sisters down.

l PISCES (2.20-3.20)  Meditate upon/with your 3rd eye this weekend, unobserved. Let the materialists seek their riches of silver as you discover alchemical gold, the root of all that shines from the divine. Do you really think one of the 3 “wise men” (read astrologers) would have brought the Baby Jesus — the “Chosen One,” the “Son of GOD” — money? You have a dream on the 25th. You’ll have ’til noon on the 27th to manifest it.

a ARIES (3.21-4.20)  Your ruler Mars just moved retrograde in Virgo ’til mid-April. Time for you to take care of the details that you’ve been “just too busy” to deal with.

b TAURUS (4.21-5.20)  I don’t know if you’ve done — or are capable of doing — the groundwork to continue living in your Shangri La existence. Maybe in two short months you can convince yourself that this is Baghdad on the Missouri? In three months, expect to see/read the truth. Start now. Maybe I’m wrong… Maybe you’re in love (with yourself) and it just seems like paradise…

c GEMINI (5.21-6.21)  How did your talk with Big Money go last week? You should have gotten some help from a pretty girl and an energetic Virgo. Hold on — the Virgo just got second thoughts. Are you surprised? They are always 50/50. Time to think electric! Light blue is your color! Time to travel unexpectedly… That translates as “don’t tell anyone.”

d CANCER (6.22-7.22)  Do something unexpected, unselfish, universal and/or irreversible this weekend. Electric light blue is your color, too. Your lucky numbers are 7 and 11. Let your partner lead the way for these next two Saturdays.

e LEO (7.23-8.22)  Hide! Give it all away and/to see who will go and who will stay.

f VIRGO (8.23-9.22)  Mars is retrograding in Virgo for these next two months. Hold off with those spring plans ’til spring. Makes sense to me; but does it make dollars for you? What did you forget — and who’s the Aries that you can’t?

g LIBRA (9.23-10.22)  You’ve got ’til Valentine’s Day to fall in love and mean it. Sex is the root of life. When sex has no meaning, life has no meaning. That’s what I mean by “mean it.”

h SCORPIO (10.23-11.22)  Speaking of mean jellybeans; you rule the scene. Your intuitions are flashing like lightning. You are as “hot” as you are meant to be. You are the high priest/priestess of your tribe, and your goal is liberty. If you did your yoga during Capricorn and can activate your intuitive 3rd eye during this coming month of Aquarius, then you can become your highest mystical manifestation during Pisces.

i SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.21)  Plan your garden now. Expect your brother and/or sister to show up unexpectedly. Walk like a dragon.

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