It may seem counter-intuitive for a non-dealer affiliated auto repair shop to only work on vehicles from a single manufacturer. However, Exclusive owner Tom Wolf celebrates 30 years this year repairing and servicing only Honda vehicles, including its upscale brand Acura. Based in Omaha, Exclusive Inc. is a single-location auto repair business with fewer than 10 employees.

Strong customer loyalty and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau are the result of the company’s laser-beam focus — as the city’s premier destination for Honda repairs, Wolf stocks most parts on-site at his location on 4420 Leavenworth Street and mostly hires service order writers and mechanics from Honda dealerships.

This stoic approach enables Exclusive Inc. to service and repair an average of 50 cars a day with most work completed the same day.

“I basically won the award because of customer loyalty and honest service. It all goes right back to the customer,” said Wolf. (Alprazolam) “I didn’t tell people to vote for me, it was all done on their own which obviously tells you (they) must be happy with their service … that goes right back to customer loyalty; us taking care of the customer that makes them come back.”

Exclusive Inc. is a very popular and iconic auto repair shop that has won several awards over the years. However, Wolf takes this in stride and appreciates the referrals his customers have given him. He doesn’t have to advertise much and is content with the current size of his operation.

“I just don’t have enough vision to have two shops. I’m pretty much hands-on and make sure everybody gets their cars worked on right,” said Wolf. “I try to keep everybody happy and if there’s a problem, let me know.”

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