Cantina Laredo will be open for a great New Year’s weekend starting December 29th through January 1st.  Below is their special menu created for the New Year which will be running throughout the weekend.

• Appetizer: Cranberry Salad with green apples and candied pecans, or Pumpkin Soup with cranberry-apple pico and roasted pumpkin seeds

• Entrée: Ribeye Steak with sautéed mushrooms, Mango Halibut with mango-ginger salsa, or grilled Pork Chop with a spicy sweet cascabel pineapple glaze

• Dessert: Fresh Berries with Don Julio Tequila cream, or Churros with chocolate raspberry sauce and Grand Mariner cajeta

Optional cocktails include a Snowfall Sangria, Pomegranate Rosemary Margarita and a Champagne Paloma to toast the New Year. Dinner is only $35 per person, with an additional $15 for all three cocktails. Call 402.345.6000 for reservations.

Since it looks like we will have a White Christmas after all, why not try a Snow Cap Porter made from the beer makers at Upstream Brewery in honor of our Omaha snow (and not only because we barely had any snow last year).  Available at its Old Market location only, Upstream describes their SnowCap Porter as such: This malty porter is dominated by a rich aroma of chocolate with coffee and a dark complexion to accompany it. Our smoked porter has been infused with nitrogen instead of the typical carbon dioxide. Originally intended to mimic the effect of the beer engine (used for pouring cask ales), nitrogen beers offer a unique, soft and silky texture. The Snow Cap Smoked Porter finishes dry with a hint of toasted smokiness from the addition of smoked malt in the mash. Drink Up! (5.6% ABV, 29 IBU’s, 1.060 OG) The Upstream Old Market is located at 514 South 11th Street. Visit for other seasonal beers and of which Upstream Brewery they are offered.

Check out the Chicago Tribune article on Omaha’s awesome food scene. Affectionately titled, Meat and Potatoes: Omaha Turns Out a Rich Stew of Culinary Invention. It was posted on December 2nd, and gave the lowdown of the following Omaha establishments: The Grey Plume, Lot 2, The French Bulldog, The Boiler Room, Dario’s Brasserie and Block 16. Way to make Omaha Shine. If you would like to look up the article, it can be found online on the Chicago Tribune’s web page at

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