Happy Valentine’s Day! Let Venus come between us! Love is the way; the Tao of/for those that want to learn to grow, or know how. Venus is the planet of transcendence, as your love here on Earth portrays your way through the art of/from your heart. Show us/me how much you’ve got! P.S., I love you. Thank you for being so kind and loving to me throughout my/our many incarnations. Don’t be afraid to say it, and you begin to transcend. It’s more fun being in love than not, right? And whoever argues with the truth plays/becomes/speaks as the fool. There are no mistakes. Peace and LOVE shall conquer all. Let Venus come between us. —The Golden Troll of Rock ’n’ Roll


k AQUARIUS (1.19-2.17)  Now your meditation begins. Now is not the time to act. Wait ’til April. Here come all those lovely offers. Beauty, money, “class,” sophistication and snooty patooties — all the Kens and Barbies lined up at your door and on the phone, bloggin’ ya, floggin’ ya and sayin’ beware; you better be shavin’ “down there” in case you’re caught somewhere without any underwear. Ahhh…the price we pay to conform. Let’s get back to R. E. A. L. — but not ’til April.

l PISCES (2.18-3.19)  AUM… Fast, pray, meditate, and wait. Tell me what you think in a week, or a wink — whichever’s shorter. You’re on the border. You’re facing the water, standing on a shore… Is the Ocean of Devotion inviting you in or closing the door? Mystics can only go where they’re invited, and we all become mystics during our last 24 hours on Earth. This all-important world suddenly turns into nothing. Your only question then will be; are you a happy mystic or a sad mystic as you prepare/wait to be born again, and again, and again and again… AUM…

a ARIES (3.20-4.18)  It all happens at a party. Please read Aquarius.

b TAURUS (4.19-5.19)  Here come the TV cameras, the gossips and the media! Smile! Look this way… Please… Pretty please…? Electricity, nonconformity, a rebel without applause, anything eccentric, the unusual, the bizarre, and every kind of sexual perversion you can think of… How does the MOJO know? Next week gets even better!

c GEMINI (5.20-6.19)  Think. You’ve got a week. Electricity could/will be the key. The next time you read me it will be under the ray of a retrograde Mercury. You’ve got 4 weeks (’til St. Paddy’s Day, if you’re not tooo drunk) to remember and reiterate a promise/vow initiated around February 6th. (Hey! Maybe that’s the only way you’ll remember!)

d CANCER (6.20-7.21)  On Friday (Moon in Taurus) you’re stubborn, and need LOVE and music! Even though you’re a Cancer, this weekend, food is not the answer. Instead, you’re lookin’ for the food of love from above. With the Moon in opposition to Saturn in Scorpio, I think I may see an older Scorpio/Taurus angel that’s ready, willing and able to try to fly through your window, Shugie, to be your love dove and show you their horizontal boogie. Coooo… Coooo… Hoochie-coochie…

e LEO (7.22-8.21)  You’re right! Stay hidden. Stay up all night just to watch the rising Sun. That’s the only way you’ll know that the night and day are one. Tighten up! Your money’s due to/gonna mess up in a week. Keep your work and money away from prying/spying eyes. It’ll take a month to get it right.

f VIRGO (8.22-9.21)  You are your own worst enemy, and it’s about to become worse. Please read Gemini. With you, though, Mercury is in opposition. Your partners are not going to understand you. Keep your attempts at any succinct communication to a minimum — and you’ll still have to watch out for “mess-ups” that are/going to/will be caused by you. Become invisible and do nothing… That’s the best use of the rest of this winter.

g LIBRA (9.22-10.21)  You have 2 more weeks to learn to love humanity at the school of hard knocks (Venus in Aquarius), and then graduate to learn to love everybody (Venus moves into Pisces) ’til spring! With the planet Uranus now at 6° Aries, you’ll be placed in a position of unexpected opposition for these next 6 years. What are your fears? What just came/popped up? How does one come to expect the unexpected? Answers next week, when once again, we speak. You first?

h SCORPIO (10.22-11.20)  Stay at home. Low profile. Concentrate on your children and the children of your mind — your art. That’s the seat of your pleasure. Realize when things aren’t flowing your way and act accordingly. This be the truth from Michael P. Where are all of these Capricorns coming from? Answer next week, when once again, we speak.

i SAGITTARIUS (11.21-12.20)  Wake up early on the 18th (Presidents’ Day and the first day of Pisces) and write down your dream. Go back to sleep and then awaken to be surprised at what you’ve seen in your dream, and what you wrote. That’s my vote for Obama and your mamma. God bless America.

j CAPRICORN (12.21-1.18)  Saturn in Scorpio turns retrograde on the 18th. You’ve got a week to make money before it all turns funny. Parties seem stale, and people contrived. “Don’t these people realize what’s really going on?” You’re a/the “Stranger in a Strange Land.” It’s all so surreal… Hang on. Take a deep breath and emerge through the other end of the tunnel — either sooner or later… It will show/prove to you where you’re really at. That’s what life is all about (right?). Welcome…

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