Ask my eight year old son Abram where the best buffalo wings are and he will tell you with complete confidence that the very best buffalo wings are served at Buffalo Wild Wings. I think there are two reasons why he’d respond that way; the first is that Buffalo Wild Wings has a candy machine, and the second reason is because –in my experience- the best buffalo wings are served in somewhat obscure bars, and I don’t make a habit of taking my young son to bars even if the food is good.

So don’t take my son’s word for it unless you’re a big fan of candy machines. Instead, check out some of the other places in the Omaha area that people swear have the best buffalo wings around.

Old Mattress Factory

Rumor has it that if you try the Devil’s Ulcer bone-in wings, you’re just asking for digestive trouble. It’s not that they aren’t tasty, it’s just that they are so ridiculously hot that the culinary experience doesn’t end when you chew and swallow. For folks who want something a little less severe, try one of the other bone-in versions.

Choose from Hot or Mild, or one of the other flavors offered. There’s also boneless versions, so if you want to burn your mouth to shreds without bothering with bones, order the boneless Devil’s Ulcer wings.

501 North 13th Street


Quaker Steak & Lube

There is a Man v. Food episode on Travel Channel where host Adam Richman saunters into a Quaker Steak & Lube to eat the “Atomic Wings,” but first has to sign a liability waiver and, for good measure, relaxes in a bathtub filled with ice in preparation. I generally stay away from foods that require legal documentation before being served, but if you’re looking a challenge then this is a good option for you.

Quaker Steak & Lube just so happens to have some great buffalo wings that won’t make you cry. They have more than a dozen different flavors to choose from and their jumbo wings are never frozen. You have to head over to Council Bluffs if you want to try these buffalo wings, but most of the people I talked to about this place said it’s worth the trip. (

3320 Mid America Drive, Council Bluffs


The Choo Choo Bar & Grill

Choo Choo Bar & Grill flat-out makes the claim of offering Omaha’s best wings. They’re also well-known for their 50 cents wing specials and just recently expanded the hours their kitchen is open, so you can enjoy their buffalo wings whenever they’re open. They offer both small and large wings and also have boneless wings.

If you like your wings crispy and don’t necessarily care about having huge wings, try this place. Choose your sauce in a range from mild all the way up to really, really hot.

14240 U Street


Honorable Mentions

You’re in luck if you like buffalo wings and live in the Omaha area. In addition to the eateries listed above, there are plenty of other places serving up buffalo wings that will make your digestive track beg for mercy (if that’s your thing) or buffalo wings that are expertly prepared and quite tasty.

Try Addy’s Sports Bar and Grill in Millard or either of the two Tanner’s Bar and Grill locations. The Loose Moose is a good bet for buffalo wings, as is DJ’s Dugout.

I still maintain the idea that buffalo wings are best consumed in an obscure bar with a floor that hasn’t been cleaned in decades. Ambiance is key, after all. But since it all comes down to taste, you can rest assured that the places listed above will not disappoint you when it comes to buffalo wings.

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