I had no problem getting opinions from folks when it came to asking people about cupcakes. I daresay that the topic of cupcakes is one that nearly everyone has an opinion on, and boy do people get mad at you if you don’t agree with them.

I asked a variety of people to tell me where the best place for cupcakes is within the Omaha area, and everyone had a different opinion. I can’t say I’m surprised – after all, you really have to work hard to mess up cupcakes, so there are a bunch of places you can go and get a really good cupcake in town.

Jones Bros.

It’s no shock that this place is on the list. It’s one of the most popular cupcake places in the area. It’s so good that all the Zumba instructors from the Sunday classes in Stinson Park throw caloric caution to the wind and go there after their set. Amy Riehle is a big believer in the Sweet & Salty cupcake. “Just have one and you will be a believer in the combination!” she says.

2121 South 67th Street Omaha


Cupcake Island

I’d honestly never heard of this place until I started researching cupcakes, and frankly, I’m shocked I hadn’t visited this place sooner. It’s amazing. I was in awe of the cupcake I tried (it was a carrot cake cupcake) and then was thrilled to discover a sample plate at the counter and was able to try tastes of three more varieties. All of them were delicious, and thankfully nobody behind the counter told me to stop hogging the samples. Amber Tyler agrees. “That place is awesome,” she says. “So yummy.”

1314 South 119th Street


Bliss Old Market Bakery at Aromas Coffeehouse

It was while I was having coffee with my friend Kaitlin Heavin that I discovered the cupcakes at Bliss Old Market Bakery located at Aromas Coffeehouse. We were sipping on coffee and I glanced over at the front counter and said, “Hey, do they have cupcakes here?” Kaitlin’s eyes widened and she replied breathlessly, “Oh, you have to try the red velvet. I’m not even kidding, Tamsen. Try it now.” Luckily, I don’t mind being intimidated when it comes to eating cupcakes, and as usual, Kaitlin was right.

1031 Jones Street


Ragazzi’s Pizza

It may seem weird to head to a pizza place with the main intention of getting your hands on some tasty cupcakes, but I have to tell you that it’s worth the trip. My husband is generally not a fan of cupcakes at all, but he’ll chomp down some cupcakes at Ragazzi’s. His favorite is the salted cupcake, which works well because my favorite is the vanilla bean cupcake. It’s a lot easier to maintain marital bliss when we’re not fighting over who gets to eat the last bite of a cupcake.

5170 South 72nd Street


Drizzles Olde Towne Bakery

The only reason I don’t typically order cupcakes from Drizzles Olde Towne Bakery is because I freak out over how good their donuts are. On the other hand, their cupcakes are indeed amazing. Not only do they make tasty cupcakes, but they usually decorate them so beautifully that it’s almost a shame to take a bite…almost.

411 West Mission Avenue, Bellevue


If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine. We can meet up and try cupcakes at your favorite place. It’s all in the name of research, right?

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