The future will look at time very differently. Almost all manufacturing jobs will be done by computer, while most everything else is done by appointment. Television will be mostly on-demand, and movies will play every hour or two in constant rotation. ( Most of the things that we base our schedule around will be uncoupled from the clock, and so there will no longer be the need for extreme punctuality and hour schedules.

As a result, most people’s days will become somewhat free form, with them deciding what to do in a loose, improvisational manner. People will meet each other on the fly, rather than make advanced plans to get together, and will decided to do whatever seems interesting at the moment. People will eat when hungry, sleep when tired, work when work needs to be done, and otherwise spend most of their lives just exploring, socializing, and entertaining themselves without any real concern for the time.

This will make the few thing that remain time-bound difficult, as people will show up for special events, such as weddings and funerals, whenever they feel like it. As a result, even events will start to be loosely organized, sometimes spread out over the course of an entire day or weekend, so that there is something for everybody to do, regardless of when they show up.

There will still be some who prefer clear schedules, deadlines, and punctuality. This future, for them, will be utterly maddening.

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