Doing a mean Christopher Walken is the stock and trade of many comedians. Same goes for being able to perfect an droolingly incoherent Arnold Schwarzenegger. But how about an impersonation of Christopher Walken doing Arnold Schwarzenegger?

That’s just one of the zany bits that propelled Peter Marr to a spot on “First Impressions,” which airs on USA Tuesday, June 7, at 9:30 Central.

The Omaha native and Westside High School graduate is a stand-up comedian, actor, host and producer who has been working in L.A. since 1999. His other projects have included hosting Style Network’s  “My Celebrity Home” (2006 – 2007) and even a gig on CBS’ “The Bold and the Beautiful” (2000 – 2001).

“I think what makes a good impression,” Marr told The Reader, “is the innuendo or idiosyncrasy. Whether it’s recognized obviously or subconsciously, it’s something that’s endeared or despised … an opportunity for surprise and character-driven in the truest sense.” 

“First Impressions”  features SNL alum Dana Carvey and Freddie Prinze, Jr. (“Star Wars Rebels”). Each episode showcases three of the most talented celebrity impressionists in the country all hoping to be deemed America’s favorite impressionist. 

Visit the Peter Marr channel on YouTube to get warmed up for Tuesday’s show.

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