Staten Island band Cymbals Eat Guitars got its name from a Lou Reed quote about Velvet Underground’s sound, which is kinda ironic considering their new album, the sublime Pretty Years (2016, Barsuk), sounds nothing like VU.

Instead, the record, one of the best of the year so far, is like Jane’s Addiction mixed with Archers of Loaf and your favorite modern post-punk band. The Jane’s comparisons comes by way of frontman Joseph D’Agostino’s throaty growl that sounds like a possessed, angry Perry Farrell. The record was produced by indie wunderkind John Congleton (Suuns, Swans, Tim Kasher), who gives it a raw power not heard on their previous albums.

I sent the Ten Questions survey to the band, and bassist Matt Whipple took the bait.

What is your favorite album?

Cymbals Eat Guitars: Bowie’s Low or Springsteen Born in the USA

2. What is your least favorite song?

“Nobody’s Gonna Break My Stride” or whatever it’s called.

3. What do you enjoy most about being in a band?

The four of us in a room playing.

4. What do you hate about being in a band?

Making more money than I know what to do with.

5. What is your favorite substance (legal or illegal)?


6. In what city or town do you love to perform?


7. What city or town did you have your worst gig (and why)?

Paris is kind of a nightmare to drive a huge van around for gig logistics. Let’s go with Paris.

8. How do you pay your bills?

Day jobs.

9. What one profession other than music would you like to attempt; what one profession would you absolutely hate to do?

Interior design; stand-up comedy.

10. What are the stories you’ve heard about Omaha, Nebraska?

Probably something about Saddle Creek or Warren Buffett? Not much to be honest, despite having toured extensively with Cursive and See Through Dresses.

Cymbals Eat Guitars plays with Field Mouse and Wildhoney Sunday, Oct. 9, at Reverb Lounge. Tickets are $12; showtime is 9 p.m. For more information, go to

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