There will be cold days ahead. Although the world is getting warmer, the upset in the climate will lead to colder winter. In fact, within 20 years the average winter will have three months with below-zero weather, and some will suffer months at a time of weather cold enough to cause near-instantaneous frostbite.

As a result, most Americans will spend much of the winter indoors, some working form home, some going from heated indoor parking lots to preheated cars to heated indoor parking lots, without ever setting foot outdoors. Many cities will be connected by a series of skyways and underground tunnels, making it possible to walk for miles without ever exiting a building.

For the less fortunate, winter will be a dangerous and often deadly time, as spending any time at all outdoors will cost limbs and sometimes life. Some will argue that the very desperate deserve to freeze, but most will have compassion and great warn shelters will be built for the needy. In the winter, one must be kind.

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