With its next group exhibit Modern Arts Midtown offers a two-month tribute to artists with long-standing careers in Nebraska and the region.

Legacy, which opens Nov. 4, features seven artists from its stable in varying styles, mediums, and methods including Chicagoan John Himmelfarb, whose work returns to Omaha after travelling across the country.

Himmelfarb uses a colorful palette and energetic line to make his iconic imagery part abstract, part figurative but always intriguing and entertaining for the viewer.

Stephen Dinsmore’s paintings come to life with more representational images that resonate as well as last with their familiar landscape and domestic settings. Martha Horvay’s begins with collage to develop pattern and composition, which results in an optical pattern of an everyday environment.

Catherine Ferguson’s sculptures and installations have had a transcendent and transformative role that has uplifted Omaha for many years. Michael James brings to light a tension of order and disorder in his quilted fabric constructions. Viewers of his work are encouraged to envision the unpredictable through the ordered patterns.

Peter Hill explores the interaction of color and shape in his hard-edge abstraction paintings that also play with concepts and balance. Judith Burton also explores form and color in her work, focusing on the formal aspects of painting to indicate subtleties in the natural world.

“Legacy” is on view November 4 through December 30 at Modern Arts Midtown, 3615 Dodge St. For more information, visit modernartsmidtown.com.

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