Fences protect us-either to keep things out or keep things in. Artist Dylan Lilla is inspired by the literal fence that surrounded his home and the metaphorical fence he’s built inside.

Lilla’s new solo exhibition at Project Project is the result of the breaking down of these fences. The old boards and posts that stood in his yard now live as sculpture and installation, symbolic of a new life that Lilla has after recognizing a more fluid gender expression.

As part of this exploration, Lilla is also embracing the use of color. Inhibited because of color-blindness, he is discovering what he is capable of. With this endeavor, Lilla will push himself to venture outside of the fences that kept him safe, yet restricted.

Dylan Lilla’s exhibition opens with a reception on Friday, January 13 from 6-9pm and is on view through February 3 at Project Project, 1818 Vinton Street. For more information, visit projectprojectomaha.com.

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