Decades in the making, the completed mural cycle “World Peace” by Bellevue artist Alicia Scherich will be on view at Creighton University’s Lied Art Gallery beginning January 20.

An oil painter who gravitates toward communicating complex subjects, Scherich began in 1992 to create the conceptual program for the large panels that, arranged in four sets of four, would cover Peace on Earth, Science and Technology, The Arts, and The Four Elements. The goal, for the artist, was to make a depiction of the “creative and destructive nature of Man.”

Each panel has an overarching theme, such as “Universal Love” or “Sunset on Wildlife” and features an array of portraits and other figurative symbols that expand on the artist’s visual allegories.

Alicia Scherich: World Peace opens at the Lied Art Gallery on Friday, January 20 with a reception from 5-7pm. The exhibition continues through February 12. The gallery is located at Cass and N. 24th Streets on the Creighton University campus, and is open Monday-Friday from 11am-1pm and 5-6pm, Saturday-Sunday from 1-4pm. Additionally, it is open from 9am-7pm on February 8 as part of a campus-wide festival.

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