Anyone who loves a great live performance might be amazed to witness the soulful songstress Edem Kegey on stage. During sets with Edem, she is known for surprising the audience with her ability to play up to half a dozen instruments in one showcase. Her favorites are the harp, ukele and djembe. But while you enjoy, be prepared to learn about West African heritage. With an upbringing based in Ghanaian traditions, Edem has a charming way of inserting cultural influences into her meditative ballads. In addition to her soulful lyrics, she speaks Ga, a native tongue of Ghana, while sharing insightful perspective throughout. Once you leave this event, you just might be encouraged to change the world. 

March 4, 7 p.m. – Edem Soul Music: A West African Heritage Performance

Hotel RL: Living Stage (3321 S 72nd Street) 

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