Those familiar with artist Justin Beller know his colorful, geometric sculptural works that use stripes and shapes to infer motion.

He takes a departure from his signature style in his new solo exhibition at Garden of the Zodiac Gallery with new mixed-media drawings describing figurative scenes in mural-like presentations.

These drawings use pencil, crayon, and acrylic on wood panels to create dreamscapes of nature and the mythical connections of fertility, virility, birth, and death.

Working in greyscale, Beller uses a variety of opacity in his backgrounds with high gloss finishing to create a sense of dimension. Still present are Beller’s use of three-dimensional surfaces and the use of scale and sleek surface quality to heighten physical presence.

Justin Beller opens May 25 with a reception from 7-9pm at Garden of the Zodiac Gallery, 1042 Howard Street. The show runs through July 30. For more information on Garden of the Zodiac Gallery, call 402-341-1877 or on Justin Beller, visit

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