First Friday in Benson continues with a reunion exhibition of work by Jeff King at Benson Petshop Gallery. Jeff is known for his unique and rogue visual street style art which usually sheds light on human and social issues. This month he presents some heavy artillery as the regards for political commentary stand. It’s not your typical posturing of political candidates into horrific photographs or the literal use of activism-themed phrases posed as typography on canvas. What stands out with Jeff, however, is his ability to candidly paint thoughts both literally and figuratively through his critical point of view. If you’ve ever wondered what the sound of philosophical speak overlaying an urban beat would look like on canvas, you can get a feel for this alternative perspective at his current exhibition. The title of it somewhat speaks poetically to this notion encouraging you to rethink how you experience an artist’s take on issues like politics, individuality and human rights. If you miss the opening, catch it on Fridays from 6-8 p.m. or by appointment by contacting

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