A religious experience occurs when a deep connection is felt with something beyond the external world. It can happen in worship; it can happen in art.

Artist Jeff Sedrel touches on this charged reaction in Bristle, a new solo exhibition at Petshop that opens this August First Friday. The stimulating bristle of a spiritual reaction comes through in abstract and pop styles created by yet another bristle of his brush.

This titular combination layers color and pattern, and his use of ink allows varying degrees of opacity that evoke a contemplative strata of meditative and improvisation brushstrokes.

Religion and art make perfect subjects in Sedrel’s attempt to simplify that which is not simple, and the breadth of elements may at once overwhelm and organize in the viewer’s eye. The abstraction allows for balance and harmony to come through the line, form, and color.

Bristle opens August 4th and runs through September 29th at Petshop Gallery, 2727 N 62nd Street. For more information, visit bensonfirstfriday.com.

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