This Might Sound Cheesy, But…

The Big Garden is hosting a hands-on ricotta making workshop on Wednesday, September 13. The class is an installment in the Growing Gardeners series, which aims to educate anyone with a passion for learning in the fields of growing, cooking, preserving, and eating healthy, local foods. All classes at The Big Garden are free or nearly free, and nobody is turned away for their inability to pay. Looking for an interesting date night? Have a soul-goal to learn something new this month? Register now, as space is limited! Get all of the details Here, and follow The Big Garden on Facebook to learn about upcoming events!

Worth the Bad Breath

Alamo Drafthouse is hosting The Ultimate Garlic Experience Monday, September 18. The event will feature a showing of the documentary “Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers” while a pair of industrial sized fans blow the aroma of constantly sautéing garlic into the audience. Not sold just yet? The menu for the evening includes whole roasted garlic with toasted baguette, garlic Caesar salad, garlic risotto with roasted mushrooms and peas, and apple spice cake with honey poached garlic. The aromatic evening is sure to leave a lingering sense of.. well. Garlic, right? Pro-tip: You don’t notice other people’s garlic breath if you also have garlic breath. Grab someone you dig and doom them to a week of only being able to kiss you, since you smell just as pungent.

Hatch a Plan to be at Roja This Weekend [Old Market Location]

Hatch Chile Fest has returned to Roja, and it has brought with it a mouth-watering menu. Enjoy a live chile roast on the patio of Roja at 1212 Harney street beginning Friday, August 25. The delectable fiery fruits will be the guest star in some limited time menu items, which include a Hatch chile chicken relleno, hatch salsa, fire roasted hatch soup, hatch chile margaritas and bloody marys, and more! If you just can’t get enough, Roja will sell some of the precious peppers for just $3 a pound. The event is this weekend only, so don’t wait! When the event sells out, the chiles are only a memory until next year!

The End of a Ramence

After years of diligent work to make ramen a recognized art in Omaha, the founders of Ramen Fest have declared victory over the lack of the traditional dish and put an end to their yearly event. A date and location for this year’s event had been chosen, but it has now been decided not to move forward. Fest Fathers want you to keep ramen in the area by continuing your patronage at the shops that know their noodles. 

What do you think the next “fest” should be? What food is missing from Omaha’s Foodscape? You can comment your ideas here, or email Sara@TheReader.Com

I’d love to tell the chefs and restaurateurs who follow us what Omaha wants to see! Let’s make it happen, guys!

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