• In an effort to prove all news these days need not be hot, horrid garbage, Aksarben Cinema is announcing free stuff! Save the date for Sept. 18 because Aksarben Cinema is screening Inside You from writer/director Heather Fink. The film is about a couple who switch bodies after an encounter with a magical object. That’s right, this is not a drill, people: We’ve got a Freaky Friday alert! I mean, to be clear, the screening and Q&A with Fink are on a Monday. It’s just feels like Freaky Friday, which is not to be confused with a “Manic Monday” or a WTF Wednesday, which is where you see that it’s only Wednesday and say “WTF?” and resume drinking.
  • In mythology, the sound of Sirens’ singing would drive sailors mad and make them wreak their boats. In Omaha, the Sirens of Cinema will drive students rad and make them take good notes. That is to say, Film Streams is now offering registration for their next installment in their Courses series, which are educational seminars led by Diana Martinez, PhD. This next one focuses on the pre-Code era of Hollywood and the women who helped shape this influential period in American cinema and will run on Sundays from Sept 17 to Oct 15. Information about registration is available on their site. I’m holding out hope that this motif continues and the next educational seminar is about the Cyclopses of Cinema, which focuses on actors with poor eyesight, or the Cerberuses of Cinema, which are about “bad dogs” in movies.
  • On Sunday, Sept 10 at 8:30, the greatest movie to ever feature someone being shot in the junk will get the celebration it deserves. The Alamo Drafthouse will host a Robocop Movie Party with a livestream Q&A with Peter Weller himself! He’ll likely answer questions like “How did you pee while wearing the Robocop suit?” and “If you absolutely had to watch one: Robocop 3 or the Robocop remake?” The event sounds pretty fun, with “special props included with the ticket so you can interact with the film.” I’m going to hope that, while the prop will clearly fit the theme, it’s not a weapon of any kind.

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