Get Brunched in the Gut

This Saturday at Midtown Crossing, brunch like you mean it with $3 food and beer pairings at participating restaurants. Wohlner’s, Ray’s Original Buffalo Wings,  PROOF – Whiskey Bar & Craft Cocktails, Cantina Laredo, Black Oak Grill, Della Costa, Chicago Dawg House Omaha, LeadBelly Omaha, Cold Stone Creamery, The Afternoon, and Long Dog Fat Cat (with a dog rescue event) will all have menu items available for this event, with a special beer pairing. Visit as many restaurants as you can between 11am and 2pm and cast your vote for best brunch!

Summer is Around the Corner

And so are the food trucks! Don’t let today’s weather fool you, your favorite mobile mangia may have already hit the road for the season. Most food trucks maintain a social media presence to keep fans up to date on their favorite food’s daily hours, menus, and locations, so follow along to stay in the know! What are you favorite food trucks? Link us here, or email Sara@TheReader.Com and we will maintain a list for you through the season! Follow The Omaha Food Truck Association for events and updates!

Oscar Mayer Has a Way With O-M-A-H-A

The Wienermobile will be in Omaha this weekend. For food samples, a tour, and to get a photo with the iconic Oscar Mayer Emblem, visit the following participating locations:

3/7 Bakers at 4405 N 72nd from 10am-4pm

3/8 Bakers at 888 S Saddle Creek from 10am-4pm

3/9 Bakers at 801 Galvan Rd S from 10am-4pm

3/11 Bakers at 3614 Twin Creek from 10am-4pm

Why FryDay?

Lenten observance doesn’t actually require you to stand for hours in a line before eating fried fish and potatoes. Most local restaurants offer lenten specials and meatless menus to cater to those observing the season. What are your favorite Friday spots leading up to Easter? Follow us on Instagram @TheReaderOmahaDish where we will be featuring some fishy fun and pasta pictures for your weekend inspiration! 

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