Extra Herbe

Herbe Sainte has extended its hours, doing away with their mid-day break. The establishment will now serve lunch until 3pm, at which point they will begin their happy hour until 6pm. Sunday brunch will now be served beginning at 10am.

Smoothie Operator

The Smoothie Truck, a new organic health-food truck based in Papillion, is just about ready to hit the road. With an official location of 202 Shillaelagh Blvd, the truck is looking to fill its schedule of events and corporate locations with your help. Contact Bruce Christensen at 402-677-2992 to book the truck for your next event, and follow along on Facebook for menus and location updates!

Maybe it is Easy Being Green

In my search for yet another reason to go to Noli’s and indulge in a filet mignon slice covered in Gorgonzola cream sauce, I found that my favorite Omaha pizza doesn’t only recycle, they have now begun employing a compost bin. Their biodegradable corn-based forks, paper plates, and all food waste will now be used to feed the soil, rather than joining all of the food waste clogging up local landfills. Way to cut your footprint, Noli’s!

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