Taco Tuesday, Coming Soon!

The King of Pop(Up) is at it again! Nick Bartholomew’s Dandelion Pop-Up is partnering with Boiler Room’s Danny Flores to single out Omaha’s blossoming talent for a Taco Tuesday pop up at Dandelion! Each week, a new chef will share their take on the tasty taco. Dandelion seems to bring out the best in established chefs, and we are excited to see what it does with fresh imaginations on a classic favorite.This event begins Tuesday, June 5 in the Greater Omaha Chamber Courtyard at 13th and Howard. Beginning this Saturday, the Courtyard will host Over Easy for breakfast, so stop by on your way to the Farmer’s Market! It’s never wise to food-shop hungry, anyway!

Benson Beer Fest

This Saturday, June 2nd, Benson will host more than 75 breweries for the annual Benson Beer Fest.From 3pm to 7pm, the corner of 62nd and Maple will become a tribute to artisan brew, with GA tickets priced at $35. For more information about vendors, head to the Facebook Events Page! Tickets are available at WWW.BensonBeerFest.Com  

There is Such a Thing as Free Lunch

For many families, the free lunch program at school was what made ends meet. Now with children home during the day, many families are being forced to make tough decisions between a higher grocery bill and keeping the electricity on. For many, even this isn’t an option. Thankfully, many local programs ensure that no family is without options! From Kids Cruisin Kitchen to Completely Kids, Omaha has several programs designed to keep kids fed! Recently, a $30,000 grant was issued to Omaha to ensure that programs remained available for children and families in need. Many of the programs offer not only a healthy meal, but educational services, crafts, and fun physical activities to keep children engaged!.For the A+ Program schedule, visit here for the June Schedule and here for July Schedule

For Kid’s Cruisin Kitchen’s schedule, head to https://foodbankheartland.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/KCK_2018.pdf

To find a program in your area, text FOOD 877-877.

Be a Saint(e) to a Hero

Memorial Day shouldn’t be over. As long as service members are continuing to fight and suffer, there will be big and small ways we can all help. Herbe Sainte is partnering with Stop Soldier Suicide to help raise money and awareness for service members suffering from PTSD, depression, and survivor’s guilt. Not all scars are visible, and not all wounds will simply heal. To make a donation, visit their Facebook Fundraiser

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