International House of Huh?

IHOP recently tweeted somewhat cryptically about flipping the P in their name upside down, creating IHOb. The “b” standing for burgers. We now know that this is really just a marketing gimmick, although a few selected locations did receive new signage and a new Twitter was launched to celebrate the attention The International House was bringing to the non-pancake portion of their menu. Mystery solved, guys. Go about your day.

Omaha Beer Fest

This year’s Omaha Beer Fest will take place July 6th and 7th at Horseman’s Park at 6303 Q street. Tickets can be purchased online or at the following retailers:

Horseman’s Park (6303 Q st)

Thunderhead Brewing (13304 W Center)

Upstream in the Old Market (514 S 11)

The Casual Pint  (8718 Countryside)

Omaha Taphouse Pepperwood (579 N 155)

Spirit World (6680 Center St)

A $1,000 prize will be awarded to the event’s “Best Beard” by the Bearded Builders Association, and this year’s event has taken to heart the suggestions by previous year’s attendees. Prepare for the best Beer Fest so far, and learn more by following The Facebook Event

Sips for Sarpy

Habitat for Humanity, Sarpy is proud to host the first annual Sips for Sarpy event, with proceeds supporting the build of their 45th home. $20 buys you a drink card, good for special pricing on drinks all over Sarpy county from July 1 to September 30th. For a list of participating vendors and to purchase your drink card head to Sips for Sarpy

Shared KItchen

Whether you’re hosting an event, trying to launch a restaurant or catering business, or need space to prep before heading out in your food truck, finding a reliable, approved space to cook can prove cost prohibitive or just plain unreasonable. Enter No More Empty Pots Food Hub. For as little as $15 an hour, you can sign up to use the fully operational industrial kitchen space.  Head to to learn more!

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