Petshop’s next exhibit celebrates the artist’s touch with illustrations from Dave Koenig, Josh Audiss, J Barnett and Tobias Caballero in Artisans and Odditiesopening July 6.

Koenig, a painter and tattoo artist, works with a wide range of mediums ranging from watercolor to package design. Inspired by Japanism and Art Nouveau his work maintains a controlled looseness of line work and delicate treatment of color.

Art Nouveau finds a home in Audiss’ paintings with motifs of nature, iconography and the mystical. With a biomorphic, organic style, his work tells a story through a graphic allegory.

As a tattoo artist, Barnett uses dynamic movement and bold color in rich vignettes of the natural world.

Though presented with a more color-field, graphic quality Caballero offers up portrait work full of detail. Looking closely, he’s taken care to add wrinkles, hairs and background gradients to offer complex versions of tattoo work.

Artisans and Oddities opens with a reception on Friday, July 6 from 7-10 p.m. and is on display through August 31 at Petshop Gallery, 2727 N 62ndStreet. For more information, visit

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