A new group exhibition opening July 6, at the Michael Phipps Gallery will feature works of Joe Addison, Jamie Hardy and Nadia Shinkunas. The show, which runs through September 3rd, uses film negatives, video projection and painting to dabble with themes of light and shadow, memory and perception.

Omaha photographer Addison works in the dark room pairing film negatives with musical notes. By manipulating film, color and light, he creates chromogenic prints for his latest series, “Nocturnes.”

He says he does this to convey the connection between the feeling of reminiscence and to consider personal memories overlaid with classical music.

Hardy is an Omaha-based installation artist. Her work explores memories, shared experience and a sense of place. Her flickering videos and video projections illuminate the concept of memory, the intricacies and depth within each fleeting moment.

Shinkunas, a multidimensional artist based in Council Bluffs, explores shadows, negative space and perception. She focuses on the minuscule variables like light, shadow and location to challenge viewers’ thoughts of the seemingly small changes happening in the world without notice.

Together, this trio will exhibit a body of work in a show that opens on Friday, July 6, from 4-6 p.m.at the Michael Phipps Gallery and continues until September 3, 2018. For additional information contact Amy Mather at amather@omahalibrary.org.

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