Even More Modern

Modern Love has officially opened their new location at 3157 Farnam to rave reviews. The Reader’s   newest writer Vera Lynn Petersen was there at the official launch and has a review for your perusal! Visit https://thereader.com/dining/falling-for-modern-love-once-again/ for Vera’s first story, and be sure to welcome her aboard!

Tayo: A Filipino Kamayan Feast

The B Side of Benson Theater is hosting a hands-on experience you’ll never forget! The  Wednesday, October 3rd event is sold out, but for a glimpse of the unbelievable menu and to follow along for future events, follow Tayo Pop-Up on Facebook

Help Bryan Go Higher

Bryan High School’s journalism department is preparing for Nationals, and needs the funding to do it! Organizers have arranged for several food trucks to take up residence in the High School’s parking lot at 4700 Giles on Friday, October 19 from 4pm to 7pm. A portion of each truck’s proceeds will be donated back to the journalism program to get them to their much deserved destination. Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/events/302571457190078/

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