The Two Emotions: Love vs. Fear

by Michael Braunstein

The human mind has a tendency to isolate, divide, extract and reduce. We look at Nature, our planet, ourselves and begin to analyze and separate. The base, human, data-driven mind resolutely weaves a tale of “better living through figuring out.” Meanwhile the higher, Divine mind that each of us is born connected with, simply absorbs and includes. The Divine mind sees things holistically without sense of division or separation.

Of course, that concept of reality is frightening to the human mind. We are convinced to a person that person is all we are and individual identity is what we must protect at all costs. Yet our very experience in this classroom of life demonstrates that we deeply long for the oneness that only joining can bring. We embrace the feeling that 90,000 people can conjure when rooting for the home team at an autumn football game. Idiosyncrasies, political divides, racial barriers, ethnicity all cave when sitting next to another human who shares the oneness of cheering a home team touchdown. We crave personal connectivity and oneness in a relationship with a special person. We even lust for physical oneness in the sexual sense. We cannot stray too far from the Garden to abandon those core realities. Yet we are frightened to death of giving up our individual personhood and becoming part of the bigger energy that is the universe.

And so we fear. Out of this mistaken value we place on separateness, individual personality, ego we have enlisted an emotion to protect it. We energize our belief in separateness with fear. We even rationalize and fall into the trap of claiming “some fears are healthy.” We hear some people claim healthy fear of some things help keep us alive. Learn this if you will: There is no such thing as “healthy” fear. You may imagine something along lines like, “Fear of getting hit by a car is what keeps me from walking in the street!” I will end any debate like that with this simple retort: “Love is what keeps me walking on the sidewalk.” No, there is no healthy fear.

Many drops, one ocean. And in our continued race to prove ourselves “right” about our field of perception, we seek to prove the illusion of separation with additional subcategories of fear. Jealousy, rage, anger, dismay, sadness, loneliness — even a warped mind can admit that fear is the very source of any of those facets. There is only fear at the bottom of any of those feelings, of any disturbing emotion.

And in real experience, what does fear require? Fear asks, begs, separation. What else could it possibly demand? When we look upon something that we believe evokes fear in us, do we rush toward it, embrace it? Of course not! Thus, the emotion of fear creates a willingness to hold something, somebody, anything — at bay. To indeed keep it separate from us. Fear asks that we contract, withdraw, defend. We back away. And that makes sense… to the human mind, to the fearful mind, to the ego. But what if the very premise, the very justification of fear, was a falsely created illusion? What if we returned to sanity and realized we need not fear?

Return to Love. (Yeah, I know, a celebrity New Ager already used that heading.) Consequently, we imagine that there are many different kinds of Love. We have separated out even that emotion. We reserve one kind of love for family members. We hold another kind of love for friends and we even transmute love when we end a “special” relationship like marriage or significant other-hood. All of a sudden we think one kind of “special” love for a spouse has changed into a different kind of love after a divorce. Or even that “love” has died.

But Love isn’t like that. Think of what Love asks. Love asks inclusion, embracing. Who would not want what Love brings? Love expands its Universe and we cannot redefine Love. Love is holistic. It is not parceled out in the sense that we love one person one way and love another person a different way. Or we withhold a certain characteristic of Love from a person.

What else in our experience has those characteristics? Anyone who’s ever heard of the Big Bang (the theory, not the TV pap,) can identify something else that expands, includes, overwhelms, if you will. The energy of the Universe does exactly that on a physical scale. Love is the all-inclusive energy of the Universe. And that energy expands.

In that way, we have no choice but to love. When we fear, withhold love, we are swimming upstream against an irresistible force. When we block Love, there is, quite literally, all Hell to pay.

And finally, all fear is irrational. All fear is phobia. For whatever way one chooses to consider, there is no reason to fear. Agnostically speaking, science plainly shows that we are but energy beings. And that means cannot really be destroyed, (First Law of Thermodynamics). And theosophically speaking, since God created us as an eternal spirit, what threat could possibly cause us fear?

It is only the ego-embracing human mind that craves fear in order to prove separateness. The Divine mind knows fear is not real or justified.

Be well.

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