Mode de Vino

Next Tuesday, Mode de Vie (120 Regency Parkway) will host a 5-course dinner featuring Gerard Bertrand wine pairings. The decadent menu will begin with a tempura pork belly, continuing on to a lighter roasted beet and citrus salad. Rabbit and braised leek rillettes are followed by a seared lamb chop, before the dinner is finished with a milk chocolate panna cotta. Each dish is expertly paired with a wine that highlights the subtle touches in each bite. The event will have only one seating, with a limited number of places available, so reserve yours today! For the entire pairing menu and to reserve your spot visit the Facebook Event Page

Going Gluten Free?

Natural Grocers (17602 Wright st) organizes many family friendly events and activities in their public meeting room, and also offers free educational lectures and demonstrations open to the public. Events include the upcoming gluten free guide, offering insight to those who choose to go grain-free. This event will focus on your holiday meal plan, and help you to celebrate each family dinner fully, without the fear of gluten sensitivities impacting your health. The event will be held this Friday from 1pm-2pm at Natural Grocers West location. For a complete list of events and lectures at Natural Grocers, including Turkey Talk, visit

Meal Prep in Bellevue

For those with food allergies, sensitivities, and on special diets, meal prepping isn’t just a healthy option, it’s a way of life. Athletes, those with fitness goals, and people who live their life on the go are always looking for options in the Omaha area, and Evensen Personal Menus has the answer. A vast menu of pre-portioned grab and go meals is now available in Belleuve. Visit 900 W Mission Ave for energy bites, lunch on the go, or to stock up on a week’s worth of meals! For a full menu, food pictures, and reviews, head to

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