About the Author:

Nicole Louis inspires others to look at life a little different by overcoming her fears and letting her secrets be known. She is opening the doors of communication and offering the gift of self-acceptance. She has been doing presentations and workshops since 2008 covering topics on sex addiction, child abuse, domestic violence, rape, teen pregnancy, decision making, relationships and much more. Nicole has an AAS in Chemical Dependency Counseling and is certified as a Youth Service Worker and QPR Gatekeeper. She was also the Director and Executive Administrator for a gang intervention program. Nicole founded an after school program that helped develop life skills, team building and personal development.

Nicole Louis became a mother at age 13 and overcame many obstacles in her life. She is a native of Omaha, Nebraska and married with three children. She enjoys talking, listening and sharing her wisdom. She also enjoys the art of creation through DIY projects and sewing. She is well on her way to becoming a best selling author with her current release of A Girl’s Secrets; an empathetic memoir of her trying childhood. To accompany her gift of empathy, Nicole also speaks, motivates and practices what she preaches regarding self-love and discipline. Nicole is genuine and authentic speaker which reflects in all that she does from her public appearance to her intimate writing.

What motivated you to write this book? Who should read this?

A Girl’s Secrets is for people that are interested in intimate stories and who want to understand my passion for self-love. This book is an intimate story of my trials that many can relate too. Boys, girls, men, and women can gain inspiration from knowing they are not alone and we all have secrets. The goal of this release is to inspire you to accept yourself.

What should readers expect while reading this book? 

A Girl’s Secrets should make you go through all the emotional ups and downs that life can bring. You will get mad at times, cry in the reflections, and laugh at the memories of others actions. A Girl’s Secrets will draw into the world that the author Nicole Louis lived growing up. She will take you on an emotional roller coaster. You may often even find yourself reflecting on your own life while engulfed in the mental movie of this book. 

What are the titles of the upcoming books you plan to write next? 

Louis has two books scheduled to come out by the end of the year: A Woman’s Secrets and You Might Be A Sex Addict.

How can people find out about your upcoming speaking engagements?

Keep up with Nicole’s upcoming events via her website www.nicolelouis.com.

Find her Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/NicoleLouisauthor/events/?ref=page_internal

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