For Modern Arts Midtown’s upcoming exhibit opening Jan. 4, viewers are asked to look within themselves and deeper into their surroundings to see what reveals itself. Inner Worldsfeatures Jennifer Homan, Martha Horvay, Laura Nothern and Merrill Peterson who inform us with their own insights into ways the ordinary and the magical cross paths.

Jennifer Homan examines our agricultural landscape with a kinetic, sensory and internal atmosphere that reaches far past the natural world we reside in every day.

Martha Horvay uses pattern to skew a sense of volume. A loose surface of paint amplifies the sharp, flat objects on the surface.

Merrill Peterson offers us the surface of objects of the everyday world, but heightens our experience of them using light and perspective. In his work perception meets both reality and dreams: a little off, but mostly recognizable. Laura Nothern nods at the past, combined with a surrealism and quirkiness that feels contemporary, Nothern captures a mind’s eye version of the everyday world.

Inner Worldsopens Jan. 4 with a reception from 6-8 p.m. and runs through Feb. 20 at Modern Arts Midtown, 3615 Dodge Street. For more information, visit

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