Petshop Gallery in Benson is back with its first show of 2019. Opening February 1 is Joteria,a multimedia music/art/pop-up show guest-curated by Santi Mora-amaral and Walker Greene.

Jotería refers to queer Latinx, Chicanx or Indigenous people and is a term reclaimed by those who do not fit heteronormative standards. The exhibit will focus on Identity and, in particular, what it means to be gay, queer or nonconforming.

The goal is to create more visibility and access by encouraging inclusion, creation, education and expression through a variety of mediums and skills at the local level.

Featured artists include: Santi Mora-Amaral, Walker Greene, Holly Vander, Rafael Valadez, Samantha Vargas and Una Novotny with music provided by Kiara Walker, Histrionic, Holly Vander and Tame Suns.

Joteria opens February 1 with a reception from 7-10pm as part of Benson First Friday and runs through March 29 at Petshop, 2725-2729 N 62ndStreet. For more information, visit

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