The natural world is the focus of an upcoming exhibit at Sunderland Gallery with a feature on photography by Jim Scholz and Cortney Christensen.

Scholz captures images from around the world and close to home; his portfolio featuring urban and rural landscapes with rich color and light. While his compositions often feature a large expanse, the intricate details pop on old buildings and in wisps of cornstalks.

Christensen hones in on the details themselves. Focusing on plant life, the contrasting colors of the leaves and petals begin to abstract into colorscapes. He plays with this abstraction, varying his shutter speeds and motion to offer a mimic of the natural effect of wind or rain on the object.

Rounding out the work, insects become a star element. Christensen’s macro-level composition introduces a rich, magical world in nature. The details so difficult to see become grand and intriguing in his lens.

Jim Scholz and Cortney Christensen: Photographyopens on Saturday, January 26 at Sunderland Gallery in the Cathedral Cultural Center, 3900 Webster Street and runs through February 24. For more information, visit, or

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